At Reliable Senior Care, our primary focus is in-home compassionate care for seniors in Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Area.

Helping Seniors Maintain Their Independence at Home

handsWe want to help the elderly to preserve their quality of life in their own homes. Not all individuals who need a little extra help are ready to leave the comforts of home or the communities they’ve come to know and love. This is why Reliable Senior Care is dedicated to providing highly skilled professionals who can provide care tailored for each person’s needs.

Reliable Senior Care’s services focuses on helping seniors with the minor or moderate challenges of daily activities while living comfortably in their very own homes. Basic companionship can improve the quality of life for many seniors who live independently but alone. We can help people at any point within the aging process on a full or part-time basis. Our supports services can also offer peace of mind for caregivers who need a little extra help.

Why Choose Reliable Senior Care?

  • Personal and compassionate approach
  • Experienced and qualified care providers
  • Stay in your own home
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible care plans available
  • Rigorous staff recruitment and screening process
  • Available 24/7 in case of emergency
  • Extensive pool of trained employees available on call
  • Employer liability protection
  • Personality match and client satisfaction ensured
  • Regular quality assurance and home visits by Reliable Senior Care management
  • No long term contracts required

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Our Services

Reliable Senior Care offers in home care services that includes full or part-time senior companionship, senior mobility assistance, light cleaning and food preparation, and periodic nursing visits.

Some examples of our available services include:

  • Companionship and Home Assistance
    • Home check-in visits by our qualified care professionals
    • Escorted shopping, outings, and appointments
    • Medication reminders and prescription assistance
    • Socializing, reading, and playing games and puzzles to sharpen cognitive ability
    • Going for walks and accompaniment for physical activities
  • Personal Services
    • Bathing and hygiene requirements
    • Dressing assistance
    • Incontinence Care
    • Mobility Assistance
    • Sleep monitoring
  • Meal Preparation
    • Assistance with grocery shopping
    • Preparation and nutritious meals based on the Canada Food Guide
    • Assistance will light clean up after meals
    • Accommodations cultural preferences
  • Light Housekeeping
    • Laundry
    • Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping floors, and dusting
    • Bathrooms cleaning (shower, bathtub, sink, and toilet)
    • Kitchen cleaning (sink, dishes, fridge, and stove)
  • Special Care Needs
    • Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or other dementia care
    • Round the clock care
    • Managing behavioral symptoms
    • Keeping seniors safe
  • Transitional Services and Supplemental Support
    • Short term or temporary care plans
    • Transportation
    • Hospital discharge assistance
    • Supplemental support for family caregivers
    • Respite for family caregivers

Cost Effective

Professional care homes are simply not an option for many seniors. They are often well outside the means of many families and feel like institutions rather than homes. The average cost of a senior care home is in excess of $12,000 per month, plus extra for additional care requirements. This presents a great hardship on many families. Many seniors already own their own homes and the stresses of leaving can take a great toll on them.

Reliable Senior Care offers competitive rates for our care services. Plus with our flexible care plans, our clients only pay for the services that are required.

Flexible Care Plans

No two people are alike — and neither are their care needs. We meet with every client one-on-one to determine what care services will best fit your needs and we create a care plan that match your loved one’s needs exactly.

We provide reliable, compassionate care at all levels, including specialty care for those with arthritis, dementia, Parkinson’s, or other ailments which affect the elderly. From brief check-in visits, companionship services, to round-the-clock care, we are there for you.

Employer Liability Protection

Did you know that hiring a caregiver on a private basis may constitute an employer-employee relationship? This makes those needing care liable for expenses such as income tax deductions, employment insurance premiums, and CPP contributions.

By hiring Reliable Senior Care takes care of all that — and more.

Our Hiring Process

We hire only the most qualified care providers. Each one of our staff goes through a rigorous staff recruitment and screening process, which includes a personality suitability interview, education and certification validation, extensive reference checks, a medical check, and a criminal background check.

We are also committed to compensating our staff at a fair and livable wage. We also provide with medical and dental benefits — unheard of in the industry!